Community House Receives $15,000 From Nissan Foundation

In total, the Nissan Foundation awarded $655,000 to nonprofits in seven states and metro areas across the country for promoting diversity.

was one of 25 nonprofits across the country to receive grant money from the Nissan Foundation.

In total, Nissan gave out $655,000 in grants commomorating the institution's 20th anniversary. All the organizations receiving grants demonstrate "a strong commitment to fostering cultural diversity in their local communities," Nissan Foundation president Scott Becker said.

The Community House — a previous recipient of a Nissan Foundation grant — received $15,000 in grants to support its Race Relations and Diversity Task Force.

"Supporting educational diversity programs in the communities where Nissan employees live and work is a core part of the Nissan Foundation's mission," said Becker.

"Through its support of programs like The Community, the Nissan Foundation is celebrating having made a positive impact at the local level for 20 years this summer," he added.

Since 1992, the Nissan Foundation has distributed $6.4 million to more than 100 nonprofit organizations across the country. Only nonprofits in southern California, Tennessee, Mississippi, Dallas, New York, Metro Detroit and Atlanta are eligible for the grants.

"Diversity is strength, whether in a company or a community," Becker said. "We see the Foundation as a means to promote respect for others, generate alternative ways of thinking, strengthen self-awareness and enrich community life."

Wait Staff July 30, 2012 at 12:35 PM
You could FEED a lot of hungry and homeless people with $15,000, instead of throwing it at an upscale suburban community group and insult their intelligence telling them to use the money to learn about race relations. I will never by a Nissan.
Stephanie July 30, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Give the money back to Nissan. It can be spent on a wiser and humanitarian cause.
Brian Williams August 06, 2012 at 02:21 AM
There are many grants available for nonprofit organizations. One great source for these grants is by going to http://www.grantwatch.com/


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