Planning 2012: Upcoming Projects Include Fixing Bridges, Resurfacing City Streets

For the next week and a half, Birmingham Patch will bring you a look at the city's plans from the City Commission's long-range planning session Saturday.

The Birmingham City Commission held its , during which commissioners heard reports from various city departments on what happened in 2011 and what's in store for Birmingham in 2012.

Birmingham Patch was there all day, but just in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights about the upcoming year in city government.

City engineer outlines infrastructure plans through 2018

During the long-range planning session, City Engineer Paul O’Meara discussed Birmingham's proposed infrastructure and maintenance plans for the upcoming seven years, including:

  • 2012: Fixing the bridges over the Rouge River on Oak Street and West Maple Road, and the reconstruction of East Maple Road.
  • 2013: Replacing backyard sewer and water pipes in the city’s northeast corner, as well as the reconstruction of Derby and Cole streets.
  • 2014: Replacing backyard sewer and water pipes on Yosemite and Villa, on the city’s east side, resurfacing part of Lincoln Avenue and reconstructing North Eton Road.
  • 2015: Resurfacing a stretch of West Maple Road and a block of Henrietta.
  • 2016: O’Meara said this is the best year for reconstructing part of South Old Woodward Avenue. The resurfacing of Oak Street is also proposed for this year.
  • 2017-18: Replacing and installing water and sewer lines throughout the Quarton Lake neighborhood.

However, City Manager Bob Bruner pointed out that while these are projects need to be done, funds for all these projects are not included in the city’s five-year financial forecast.

“There’s not enough money to pay for all this in the forecast,” Bruner said. “The commission will have to decide whether to increase funding for roads or decrease the amount of projects we do.”

Meanwhile, O'Meara reported that the is in full swing in the East Maple Gardens and Quarton Lake neighborhoods. Internal water and sewer inspections have been completed and are being reviewed by the engineering firm Hubbell, Roth and Clark. Results are expected back in April, O'Meara said, and the first lining contract will be bid out in late summer 2012.

Residents are responding favorably to the project, O'Meara said. Of the 351 requests for easements mailed to property owners in the Quarton Lake neighborhood, 112 have been returned, and 19 are pending. In East Maple Gardens, 13 of 25 easement requests have been returned. An easement gives the city permission to replace sewer and water lines on private property.

  • For more: For a full report from the long-range planning session, check out . Make sure to tell us what you think city government should focus on in 2012 by taking our poll at the end of the story.


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