Inhale ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em? Nope, Birmingham Bans E-Cigarettes for Minors

The Birmingham City Commission becomes one of the first cities – if not the first – in Michigan to ban e-cigarette use.

Birmingham may be the first city in Michigan to ban e-cigarette use by and sales to minors. (Patch file photo)
Birmingham may be the first city in Michigan to ban e-cigarette use by and sales to minors. (Patch file photo)

Minors will no longer be able to buy or use e-cigarettes in the city of Birmingham after the City Commission became on of the first communities in Michigan to ban them.

Mayor Scott Moore told The Oakland Press officials wanted to get ahead of the issue and prevent a scenario that could have “10-year-olds walking around with e-cigarettes in their hands,”

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  • Do you think more cities should follow Birmingham’s lead? Should Gov. Rick Snyder veto a bill passed by the Michigan State Legislature?

Electronic cigarettes contain liquid nicotine, which is vaporized and inhaled. It’s already against the law in Birmingham for minors to use nicotine.

Birmingham Police Commander Terry Kiernan said he’s not sure if the city is the first, second or third community to institute an e-cigarette ban for minors. He doesn’t think it’s a major problem, but it’s “a pre-emptive step to prevent minors from getting addicted to nicotine.”

“It should be addressed early,” he said.

Some e-cigarettes are root beer and strawberry-flavored, making them attractive to kids, according to a state senator who sponsored legislation that would ban their use among minors. However,Gov. Rick Snyder has sent signals that he will veto the legislation, The Detroit News reports.

If he does, Birmingham’s law would still stand.

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