Gran Fondo, Cemetery Recommendations to Come Before City Commission

At the Monday night meeting of the Birmingham City Commission, commissioners will also pick a design for the South Old Woodward re-design project.

The Birmingham City Commission meets Monday night and on the agenda is a bike race on Woodward, new rules for Greenwood Cemetery and much more.

Commisisoners will meet at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.


Introduction of guests:

  • Daniel Nerad, superintendent of Birmingham Public Schools


  • The city's Long Range Planning Session will be held on Jan. 12, 2013, beginning at 9 a.m.


  • Malcomb Hendy will interview for a spot on the Traffic and Safety Board, to serve a term ending in July 2014.
  • The city commission will also consider a resolution reccommending the appointment of Cheryl Arft as deputy city clerk for the city of Birmingham.

Consent Agenda

All items listed on the consent agenda are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion and approved by a roll call vote. There will be no separate discussion of the items unless a commissioner or citizen so requests.

  • Approving the Interlocal Agreement between Oakland County and the city for the Narcotics Enforcement Team.
  • Approving the purchase of a Pitney Bowes Connect + 2000 WOW Model Digital Mailing System at a cost of $11,582. The equipment is to be used in the City Clerk's office.
  • Approving the installation of the art piece titled "Break Away - Form #3" by Daniel LaRue Johnson. The piece will be installed on city-owned property at the northeast corner of Eton and Lincoln.
  • Approving residential parking permit zone at:
    • Brown Street, between Watkins and Stanley (both sides of street)
    • Stanley, between Brown and Frank (south side of street)
    • Watkins, between Brown and Frank (east side of street)
  • Hiring James Mouch Jr. & Sons Excavating, Inc. to repair a backyard sewer on Pine Street, between Suffield and Pilgrim, for a cost of $7,800. The cost of the project will be charged to the Sewer Fund.
  • Adopting the amended bylaws of the Alliance of Rouge Communities and appointing City Engineer Paul O'Meara as the city's designated representative on the alliance.

New Business

Old Woodward re-design project

Upon the reccommendation of the Old Woodward Ave. Conceptual Design Ad Hoc Committee, commissioners will pick the preferred design for the Old Woodward Avenue re-design project. This design will be used for the purpose of applying for federal funding.

Greenwood Cemetery recommendations

After hearing reccommendations from a team of consultants earlier this fall, city commissioners will act on a series of resolutions that would change the rules at Greenwood Cemetery — changes that look to create more space at the city's historic cemetery as well as bring in more revenue.

Specifically, one resolution would permit the placement of no more than two cremated remains in the same space where a casket is buried, if the owner of the grave or the owner's heirs purchase the rights to such burials.

Along those lines, additional resolutions would changes the schedule of fees at the cemetery to allow for the sale of additional rights of burla. for cremated remains.

In addition, commissioners will consider approving an amendment to the Aug. 6 Cemetery Management Consultant Agreement with L.F. Sloane Consulting Group, paying the group an additional $1,000.

Gran Fondo bike race

On Monday, commissioners will also consider a resolution endorsing and supporting the Woodward Gran Fondo, the proposed bike race planned by the Woodward Avenue Action Association. The race would stretch from Detroit to Pontiac and back, and is being considered by cities along Woodward.


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