Police Use OnStar to Find Stolen Car; Anthropologie Employee Reports Stolen Wallet

The following information was supplied by the Birmingham Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

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Police say Oak Park man took food, alcohol from Kroger

An Oak Park man was arrested on charges of retail fraud Wednesday after police said he took food and five bottles of beer from . According to police reports, store employees watched the 21-year-old man place the food and alcohol in his backpack around 4 p.m., then leave the store without paying. The man was taken into custody and later turned over to a neighboring police department for an outstanding retail fraud warrant.

Anthropologie employee reports stolen wallet, says customers may have been involved

Police are investigating a case of a missing wallet after an employee reported a stolen wallet Tuesday, according to police reports. The employee told police the wallet was in the store's backroom, where only employees are allowed.

The employee told police that around 6:30 p.m., three women came into the store, two of which she believed were there to distract her. At one point, the woman told police she heard the store's backroom door close and watched the third woman walking away from the area. The three women then left the store, and the employee said it was then she discovered her wallet was gone.

Police use OnStar to find stolen vehicle

Police were able to locate a vehicle reported stolen in Birmingham in the Southfield area Monday. According to police reports, a 2010 GMC Acadia was reported stolen from the owner's driveway on the 700 block of Puritan around 7 p.m. Sunday. By using OnStar, police found the car the next day parked in an apartment complex parking lot near Greenfield Road and I-696. Detectives continue to investigate.

Car egged and keyed for no reason, owner reports

A resident living on the 1900 block of Graefield reported that sometime between Saturday and Sunday last weekend, someone keyed and egged his car. The car was legally parked in his condo's parking lot, he told police, and he has no idea why the car was targeted.

Lion sculpture discovered cracked, scratched

According to Birmingham police, the lion sculpture located at South Old Woodward and Merrill was scratched and cracked sometime before last Saturday. The sculpture is part of the Children Charities Coalition's . 

Southfield man arrested in connection with stolen laptop incident

Royal Oak police arrested a 19-year-old man from Southfield last Saturday on suspicion of concealing a laptop stolen from a car parked in Birmingham's .

According to police reports, the computer was reported stolen Sept. 7. The owner said the laptop was in his locked vehicle in the parking garage between 3-10 p.m.

The following day, Royal Oak police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation near Woodward and I-696 and according to reports, discovered a laptop in the car. A computer check showed the laptop to be the same one stolen in Birmingham the previous day. The man was arrested on charges of receiving and concealing stolen property. Detectives continue to investigate.

Anyone with information about any of these incidents can call the Birmingham Police Department at 248-530-1889. If you have any questions about this report, email Laura.Houser@Patch.com.


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