Weekend Weather: Sun Comes Out but Temperatures Fall

There's a lot going on this weekend, but be sure to bundle up as the crisp fall weather settles in.

There's a lot happening this weekend in Birmingham, but if you do go out, make sure you keep a jacket handy, because we'll see quite a drop from the warm temperatures earlier this week.

According to the National Weather Service, Saturday is forecasted to have a high of 53 degrees, but will still remain partly sunny for much for the daytime hours. However, it might feel chillier because of the winds, which could possibly gust up to 28 mph.

If you're heading out to events such as the Birmingham/Bloomfield CROP Walk, Oakland County Rode the Rails or the Farmers' Market, make sure to dress for the weather.

Saturday night, the winds will calm and the low will dip down to 35. Sunday will see nearly identical weather as the previous day with a partly sunny 53 degree day. However, the winds will range from just 5 to 11 mph. Sunday night, the low will be 36 degrees.

Looking ahead to Columbus Day on Monday, it will warm up a bit to 57 degrees under mainly sunny skies.


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