Susan Holland
I love the outdoors.  A day never goes by without walking my dog or spending time in the garden.  However, my favorite activity is riding my horse, Murphy.  Some days we trail ride and others we ride dressage, either way it's my passion. 
I am an attorney, however, my journey has led me along less traditional paths.  My law practice consisted of primarily juvenile law and estate planning.  However, before too long I found my greatest satisfaction working for non-profit organizations.  My niche seems to be walking along side teens as a mentor and coach.  I've coached lacrosse and field hockey;  led students on mission trips to impoverished areas; and facilitated their journey through the Bible.  My goal is always to enrich their lives; however, I am the one who is blessed by the impact they have on me.  I am excited that Patch is the latest trail along my journey.  My enthusiasm stems from Patch's commitment  to community and volunteerism, ideals near and dear to my heart. 
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