Eton Academy
Eton provides a state-of-the-art learning environment to help students who learn differently reach their full potential through intellectual, social, and personal growth. With a maximum class size of 10, each student receives an individualized, multi-sensory education. Our compassionate, dedicated teachers specialize in LD instruction. Eton's program emphasizes core academics while providing physical education, art, individualized college preparation, social skills development and sports programs with an emphasis on teamwork. Eton's 2010 graduates were all accepted to colleges and universities in Michigan and around the country. Eton has established a long-standing track record of sending approximately 80 percent of its graduates on to higher education. The nationwide rate for college acceptance of similar students is 13 percent. School impacts family relationships, neighborhood friendships and transforms who students are as individuals. Eton is a family...a community...an experience. More than a school, Eton Academy is a nurturing, supportive and welcoming place. We support families and help students reach their dreams. Eton believes in community outreach. We are a resource for parents, teachers and interested community members who may benefit from better understanding how to identify and support a different learner. Regardless of which school is the best fit for a child and their family, we have access to research and educational tools that we are happy to share. Please join us for a community presentation in your area. Visit us at www.etonacademy.org for more details and to view our upcoming Open House schedule.
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