Bob and Christine Charles, #62: Country Day Team Has Evolved

The Charles family's son, Bobby, is a junior offensive/defensive lineman on the Country Day varsity football team.

Detroit Country Day School students and alumni love the school, and the football parents love and support their Yellowjackets. While the team played on the field, Patch went into the stands to tell the stories of the parents who help make everything possible.

Name: Bob and Christine Charles

Hometown: West Bloomfield

'Big place ... big deal': "The coaches have done a great job, instilling in the team the value of hard work and discipline. It's a younger team — there are plenty of sophomores and juniors, as well as some freshmen — and maybe they're a little jittery coming in here. But the coaches have said, just because it's a big place ... big deal. If they can execute well, they can win."

Season highlights? "Actually, the highlight for us was the preseason. You may have never heard of this, but it's called Camp Happy. There, the coaches did a great job in getting the team to focus. If you were there at preseason, you would know how this team has had an evolution towards execution and stepped up the intensity of their performance as the season has moved on."

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To read more about these dedicated parents, check out the Yellowjackets in the Crowd Page on Patch.


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