Seaholm to Host Competitive Robotics Tournament

The 2012 season for the Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association kicked off Monday at Oakland Schools.

The Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) kicked off its 12th season Monday, announcing that Birmingham will be one of the tournaments hosts during the 2012 season.

, one of Oakland County's 26 participating high schools, will host a tournament on Nov. 8. In total, seven tournaments are scheduled for the 2012 season.

OCCRA is a full-contact robotics competition, where students build and control 120-pound robogladiators as they clash on a field of play. The robots try to score points by placing balls into goals while their opponents try to stop them.

Unlike other robotics competition, OCCRA rules require that the entire robot be student-designed and built.

"OCCRA generates enthusiasm for technical and academic disciplines such as design, engineering, physics and electronics," a recent OCCRA press release reads. "These competitions provide recognition and encouragement for students who devote their energies to these areas of study."

The 2012 OCCRA schedule begins Oct. 20:

  • Oct. 20: Location TBD
  • Oct. 25: Waterford Kettering
  • Nov. 3: Diversity Showcase at South Lyon
  • Nov. 8: Seaholm High School
  • Nov. 17: County Championship at Holly
  • Dec. 1: OCCRA VEX tournament
  • Dec. 5: Banquet at Oakland Schools

Besides Seaholm, other Birmingham-area schools participating in OCCRA include , the , Brother Rice and Marian.

Birmingham schools placed at several tournaments last year, with Seaholm taking home a Beautiful Bot award and a Technical Excellence award. Roeper took home a Judges Award at the 2011 County Championship.


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