Seaholm Celebrates the 'Awesome' Class of 2012

More than 300 students graduated from Seaholm High School Sunday at the high school.

They called themselves the "brothers and sisters of 2012," and on Sunday, the class of 2012 received their diplomas.

At a ceremony held at the high school, Seaholm teachers and administrators celebrated the 310 seniors from the class of 2012, a group of students whom faculty speaker Ann DeBoer said "always felt like a family."

"Everything you do as a you write life story is important," DeBoer said. "And so, make your life story one worth reading."

Seaholm principal Deanna Lancaster told the class of 2012 that there will be times in the coming years when you'll be tempted to give in, "to quit, to fail."

"Don't let things stand in your way of what you want to be in life," Lancaster said.

School Board President Susan Hill said Sunday that graduation is both a celebration of graduates' academic success, but also a personal accomplishment.

"To the people that love you, you are the most important person here," Hill said. "We are very proud of you, not only of your successes but the people you are and the people you are to become."

Outgoing Superintendent David Larson said the graduates' past 12 years in school have been akin to having training wheels on a bicycle. Now, he said, the training wheels have been taken off.

"You have what it takes," Larson said. "You know what it means to live a life of character. You know who you are when no one is looking."

Class of 2012: Profile

  • Number of students: 310
  • President: Seth Kreitman
  • Vice President: Christina Wells
  • Treasurer: Alexandros Bis
  • Secretary: Ashley Kajy

Class of 2012: Accomplishments

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