After Forming World's Longest Lemonade Stand, Group Gives Back to Birmingham Schools

Organizers of last year's project creating the world's longest lemonade stand are investing $20,000 of their proceeds in a fund to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among kids at Birmingham Public Schools.

After students, teachers and parents from organized the movement that created the world's Longest Lemonade Stand (LLS) last August, project organizers are using their leftover proceeds for a good cause.

LLS organizers are donating $20,000 to create a support fund with the (BEF), the proceeds of which will be given back to to promote innovation and creativity in kids.

At a total length of 1,399 feet and 11 inches, . However, LLS project director Patrick Liebler said the project did more than merely break a record: it inspired kids to dream big and bring the community together.

"Raising money was our third of three goals," said Liebler, a Beverly parent and vice president of Liebler Group public relations. "We hoped that if we built an engaging, inspiring event that kids and their families wanted to participate in, then the money would follow.

"We wanted LLS to be a community project — an opportunity to work together creating a memorable event," he added.

In total, LLS raised $50,000 by selling lemonade stands (sold for $50 each) and sponsorships. Half of the proceeds, in fact, came from sponsors, led by presenting sponsor Ernst & Young.

However, after sharing these proceeds with participating local schools, municipalities, Detroit Public Schools and the Birmigham Education Foundation, Liebler said LLS found themselves with $20,000 left over.

That money became the initial investment in the BEF's Program Support Fund, which the LLS plans to use to fund educational opportunities that fosters entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and brings kids and families together in a creative atmosphere.

"The support funds are an easy way to invest in education for the future," said Laura Couger, executive director for the BEF. "It's important for local organizations to know that if they raise money, they don't have to use it all now. They can put it in a fund like this and have it support different initiatives in a safe, managed investment long term."


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