2011 MEAP Scores: Birmingham Covington School

Fifth graders shine at Birmingham Covington School on math, reading and science test.

Despite a dip in scores across the board, Birmingham students continue to exceed statewide MEAP averages, according to the fall 2011 test results released today.

During the MEAP exam, taken during fall 2011, students in grades 3-9 were tested in math, reading, writing, social studies and/or science, depending on the grade level.

Top of mind concerning this year's MEAP results was the . These cut scores represented career- and college-ready achievement standards and define the cut-off point for the various levels of proficiency on MEAP test: advanced, proficient, partially proficient and not proficient.

At the elementary level, all students in grades 3-5 were tested in math and reading. In addition, fourth-graders were tested in writing and fifth-graders were tested in science. At the intermediate level, sixth-graders were tested in math, reading and social studies, seventh-graders were tested in math, reading and writing and eighth-graders were tested in math, reading and science.

At the , scores were particularly high across the board, especially in the fifth grade.

Birmingham-Covington 2010 MEAP results

Percentage of students who met or exceeded state standards. Adjusted 2010 percentages reflect what last year's percentages would have been under the new cut scores.

Grade 3

2011 2010 (adjusted) Math 69.4% 70.1% Reading 86.1% 90.7%

Grade 4

2011 2010 (adjusted) Math 83.2% 84.3% Reading 89.7% 94.4% Writing 72% 76.8%

Grade 5

2011 2010 (adjusted) Math 91.7% 85.6% Reading 95.4% 94.2% Science 42.6% 38.5%

Grade 6

2011 2010 (adjusted) Math 84.8% 87.7% Reading 89.5% 93.3% Social Studies 45.3% 61.9%

Grade 7

2011 2010 (adjusted) Math 86.7% 81.5% Reading 90.5% 83.3% Writing 79% 74.1%

Grade 8

2011 2010 (adjusted) Math 69.2% 83% Reading 83.2% 87.7% Science 35.5% 37.7%

Source: Michigan Department of Education


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