Wyandotte Joining Five-City Animal Shelter Project

The Downriver Central Control Agency also will include Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Melvindale and Southgate.

While Wyandotte is joining forces with four Downriver cities for a combined animal shelter program, little will change for Wyandotte residents.

will remain as is and will serve as an overflow facility for the other cities: Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Melvindale and Southgate.

A $143,000 state grant will help refurbish a building in Southgate that the other four cities will jointly use as a shared animal shelter.

While Wyandotte is joining the Downriver Central Control Agency consortium, officials opted to keep the Wyandotte pound open rather than moving to the Southgate location.

Mayor Joseph Peterson said that decision partly was made because of how well the Wyandotte shelter is run and the vast number of volunteers it has.

“Our dog pound will stay the same,” he said. “All the services we provide will stay the same. … It does not interrupt how our volunteers work.”

Wyandotte’s pound primarily will house Wyandotte animals, but will be used by the other four cities if the combined shelter in Southgate gets to capacity, which is estimated to be 75 animals.

According to the proposal, animal control officers for all five member cities will be hired as Wyandotte employees and will serve all of the member communities.

More details on the consolidation plan, including the annual budget and how much each community must pay to be a part of it, will be forthcoming as soon as all five cities sign off on the plan, City Administrator Todd Drysdale said.

As of Wednesday, officials in Allen Park and Melvindale still must vote on the matter.

Wyandotte unanimously approved the measure at Monday night’s City Council meeting. Lincoln Park and Southgate also have signed off on the partnership.

Mary Washko May 09, 2012 at 05:07 PM
I am pleased to see that the Wyandotte Animal Shelter is staying. Mr. Gillenwater and volunteers do a marvelous job!
Diana Jackson May 09, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Wyandotte is such a great city. Always leading way....I am proud to say I was born & raised in Wyandotte....the most innovative city in our time...Thanks to the strong leadership that surpasses every neighboring city/town.
Erin Suess June 23, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Love the city for doing this. But with so much animal love, where is a dog friendly park in the city? :(


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