Voter Turnout in Birmingham, Precinct by Precinct

Precinct 4, which votes at the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham, had the highest voter turnout in Birmingham at 82.9 percent.

The 2012 election is over, the final votes have been tallied and in Birmingham, two incumbents have been returned to the Birmingham Board of Education while a proposed amendment to the city charter has failed.

However, it was largely the big name issues — from picking a U.S. Senator to electing the president of the United States — that drew the biggest crowds to the polls. In total, 13,106 Birmingham residents cast a ballot on Tuesday, bringing this year's voter turnout to 78 percent. That's just about on par with the turnout during the 2008 presidential election, which came in at 79 percent.

Compared to the rest of Oakland County, meanwhile, Birmingham was just at or above average, joining the majority of the county which saw similiar 70-90 percent turnout rates, with the average hovering around 72 percent. Select areas, including precincts in Waterford and parts of Troy and Royal Oak, only had a 60-70 percent voter turnout.

But what was it like in your neck of the woods, and what percentage of your neighbors really voted on Tuesday? Here's a look at voter turnout, precinct by precinct, in Birmingham:

Precinct Where Is It?
(see accompanying map) Number of Registered Voters Voter Turnout 1 West of Woodward, east of Quarton Lake, between Quarton and Maple 1,959 78.4% 2 North of Maple, between Woodward and North Eton 1,883 81% 3 East of North Eton, north of Maple 1,748 77.9% 4 West of Quarton Lake, between Raynale and Lincoln 1,942 82.9% 5 City's southwest corner, south of Maple, west of Larchlea, south of Lincoln, west of Birmingham Boulevard 1,845 81.5% 6 Between Maple and 14 Mile, between the Rouge Rivera and Henrietta 2,138 77.5% 7 West of Woodward, south of Frank Street, east of Henrietta 2,105 73% 8 Downtown; east of Woodward and south of Maple to Cole Street 1,729 73.7% 9 East of Woodward, south of Cole Street, east of South Eton 1,471 75%

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Clinton Baller November 08, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Who were the two "challengers" at Precinct 1 on Tuesday morning? I've heard of poll watchers, but these two women, with their ominous name tags, looked more like "intimidators" than benign "watchers."


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