40th District Campaigners Report More Than $270,000 in Contributions

Four Republicans and one Democrat are vying for a spot on the November ballot in the race for state representative in the 40th District. We took a look at how much money they've raised, and how they're spending it.

The Aug. 7 primary is fast approaching and in West Bloomfield, you can't drive far without seeing a campaign sign for one of the many candidates vying for a spot in the Michigan House of Representatives in the 40th District.

Running for the spot are four area Republicans and they've been busy raising (and spending) money ahead of the primary as they fight to see who will face Democrat Dorian Coston in the November general election.

On the Republican ticket next week will be: County Commissioner and Bloomfield Township resident Dave Potts; Birmingham School Board member Robert Lawrence; Bloomfield Hills Mayor Pro Tem Mike McCready; and West Bloomfield attorney David Wolkinson.

In total, the four Republican candidates have raised $273,887.76 in itemized campaign contributions, which are donated by individuals or political actions committees (PACs) via cash or check. Those figures are based on annual campaign statements as well as pre-election campaign statements, which must be filed to the Michigan Secretary of State by July 27.

The only candidate not to have filed his contribution totals is Coston, though under state election law, a candidate committee that doesn't expect to receive or spend $1,000 can receive reporting waivers.

The four Republicans, meanwhile, have been busy fundraising and spending. Of the four Republicans, Potts has raised the largest war chest so far, with his contributions totaling $1114,025.

Want to see how everyone stacks up? The following information was provided by the Michigan Secretary of State:

  • Total Contributions: $30,145.00
  • Spent: $20,855.99
  • Remaining: $9,289.01
  • $250+ contributors: Chuck White; Katherine Abboud; Robert Fream; Tom Richelli; Faith Fream; School Administrators PAC; Robert Lawrence

  • Total Contributions: $114,025.00
  • Spent: $99,982.03
  • Remaining: $13,917.43
  • $250+ contributors: Ed Boutrous; Kristin Jeffrey; Andrew Basile; Jean Toohey; Lena Epstein Koretzky; Robert Toohey; Michigan Townships Association PAC; Michigan Association of Chiropractors; Mark Cherry; David Zacks; Norman Yatooma; Nicole Yatooma; Jeffrey Ishbia; Joanne Ishbia; Dave Potts

  • Total Contributions: $62,100.00
  • Spent: $39,704.57
  • Remaining: $14,895.43 
  • $250+ contributors: Mike and C. Michael Kojaian; Jill Dolik; Daniel Cornwell; Cynthia Kantgias; Frank Williard; Schuyler Hamill; Dan Siebold; Mr. and Mrs. John Utley; Elise Hayes; Stephen Eisenberg; Chris Berlin; Sheila Fruehauf; Joslin Crowe; Joseph Fattore; Don and Kathy Noble; Mark and Cathy Bissell; Grant and Susan Beard; Sarah McClure; Barbara Fisher; Walter Fisher; Dan Carroll; Joanna Fisher; Ken Way; Tom Betrus; Susan Betrus; Al Fisher; Thomas McConnell; John DeCherchio; Steve and Susan O'Hara; Thomas Rosin; Kenneth Eisenberg; Yvonne McCready; Edward Mardigan; Richard and Lisette Keil; Alfred Fisher; Michael and Susan Hainer; Susanna Sounder; Robert and Sue Spangler; Dan and Kristin Verbic; Steve and Shannon Nolan; Mike McCready

  • Total Contributions: $57,617.76
  • Spent: $49,328.41
  • Remaining: $8,289.35
  • $250+ contributors: Michigan Farm Bureau Agri-PAC; Thomas Isaacs; Fischel Besinger; Gary Torgow; Eugene Sherizen; Sharon Dore; Sivanne Pearl-Waserman; Antal Lendner; Brenda Pearl; Mickey Shapiro; David Victor; Douglas Woll; Vickey Fingeroot; Jason Rubinstein; Bryan Shon; David Grossman; Rachel Wolkinson; Sarah Wolkinson; M. Avi Newman; Edward Levy, Jr.; Lizabeth Metzger; Seth Mendelsohn; Karen Shapiro; Linda Dresner; Gerald Brosand; Hannah Newman; Michael Dorfman; David Wolkinson
  • Note: Wolkinson has made a $199,000 loan to his campaign, which is normally included as an expenditure. We have omitted that figure to best represent the total amount of contributions made via cash or check.
Mike McCready August 03, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Thank you to the Patch for doing a great job covering our local elections. As you consider which candidate will get your vote please visit www.mccreadyforstaterep.com


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