Quick Hits: Group Presents Plans for Barnum Park Improvements

The City Commission also approved a plan to reimburse developers for cleaning up the property at Woodward Avenue and Brown Street.

It was a productive night for the Birmingham City Commission, which whizzed through a busy agenda Monday night. The big items up for discussion included a brownfield plan and reimbursement agreement for the property at the corner of Woodward and Brown as well as the second phase of the development plan.

Commission OKs fundraising for Barnum Park projects

Commissioners gave the go-ahead Monday night for the group Community for to begin raising funds to pay for additional improvements to the park in coming years.

The group was asked to work with the ad hoc Barnum Park Steering Committee to sketch out several potential projects — projects that would be the focus for fundraising efforts. These projects include the creation of a sanctuary garden, improving the central area with tables and chairs, installing toddler swings and the creation of several prairie or "no mow" zones within the park, located at Pierce and Frank streets.

In addition, the group identified approximately $41,000-$46,000 in projects that could be completed by the city, including improving drainage and replacing trees.

Commissioners didn't approve said projects but gave the go-ahead for the community group to begin fundraising for them. City Manager Bob Bruner said this isn't a budget issue yet but said the city would look at how much money to allocate once fundraising is complete.

David Young, a member of the Community for Barnum Park, said the group has raised $73,000 toward its $150,000 fundraising goal.

Commissioners approve fire truck purchase, street painting contract

Commissioners approved various purchases Monday night, including:

  • $9,280: A public services contract for yard services and senior outreach services was awarded to the .
  • $189,456: One 2011 LeeBoy force feed loader from Michigan CAT.
  • $597,861: One new fire engine/pumper from Pierce Manufacturing.
  • $528,000, plus an allowance of $117,900: An HVAC mechanical system, plus boilers and chiller, from Tech Mechanical Inc. for .
  • $9,190.50: A contract for painting center-line stripes on city streets during spring 2012 was awarded to M&M Pavement Marking Inc.
  • $53,929.05: A contract for pavement marking on city streets for 2011-12 was awarded to Hart Pavement Striping Corp.

Other commission action: brownfield reimbursement plan, mulled wine at the Winter Markt

  • Commissioners approved a brownfield plan and reimbursement agreement plan for 34901-34953 Woodward Ave., located at the at the corner of Woodward and Brown. The plan allows the developer to be partially reimbursed, up to $800,000, for the cost to clean up the site.
  • Commissioners finally approved the , as crafted by city staff and discussed during previous commission meetings. The plan requires all bistro applicants to go before the city commission for a pre-screening process, then the planning board, which will then recommend at most two applicants for final review by the commission. Planning Director Jana Ecker said since the plan has been finalized, two additional applicants for the 2012 licenses have come forward; she anticipates seven applicants will now vy for one of the two bistro licenses the city issues each year. The deadline to apply in 2012 is Oct. 1 this year.
  • The received a temporary liquor license so it, in partnership with the Children's Leukemia Foundation, can serve mulled wine at the 2011 Winter Markt from Dec. 2-4 at .
  • Commissioners accepted the sculpture Lucky at Love, Unlucky at Game, You Can't Have It All, by Christopher Yockey, which is to be placed near the juncture of and , south of Maple Road.
Racer Boy September 28, 2011 at 03:34 AM
Barnum Park is an embarrassment to the City of Birmingham. The landscape design, with it's current "no mow" areas, already looks like an abandoned inner city property. And now someone wants to expand that look???...are you kidding me???
Bham Resident September 28, 2011 at 04:54 PM
I'm glad they're looking to add trees to Barnum Park. The lack of shade makes the park intolerable on summer afternoons. And I'm with the commenter above, why on earth would we increase the number of no mow areas? They look unkempt.


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