Meet the Candidates: George Dilgard Pushes for 'Practical Solutions'

During the countdown to the Nov. 8 election, Patch will bring you profiles of candidates for the school board, library board and City Commission.

The Nov. 8 election is drawing closer every day, but what do you really know about those names on the ballot?

Patch will interview candidates for the , the board and the during the ramp-up to the election, bringing you the stories behind the names and the issues they think are important for Birmingham.

For the Birmingham City Commission, incumbents George Dilgard, Tom McDaniel, Scott Moore and Mayor Gordon Rinschler are running against Doug Weaver, James Foxley, Steve Knox and Vicki Walsh for four spots.

The Oakland County League of Women Voters will hold a voters forum and meet-the-candidates night at 7:15 p.m. Oct. 12 at the for those running for City Commission.

George Dilgard

Age: 62

Family: Dilgard is married to his wife Susan and together they have two grown children, Elizabeth and Rob

Occupation: Dilgard is a financial analyst with Ally Financial

Previous elected experience: Dilgard is wrapping his first term as a city commissioner. Before being elected four years ago, he served five years on the Planning Board and one year on the Board of Zoning Appeals

Why are you running?

Dilgard is proud of the city commission's accomplishments during his tenure, including managing the budget while property values fell, hiring a new city manager and finishing the expansion project.

Now with four years under his belt and a thorough understanding of the governing process, Dilgard is looking to continue doing that good work.

"After putting in a great deal of effort over the last four years, I now have the experience regarding the inner workings of city operations, from budgets, capital planning and personnel matters (to) development issues."

What do you bring to the city commission?

Dilgard said he works well with his fellow commissioners, as well as city staff, which helps the group as a whole more effectively govern and manage the city.

In addition, Dilgard said he's an active listener and is responsive to the needs and issues of residents and business owners.

"I listen well and propose practical solutions," he said.

What issues are important to you?

What's coming up for the city of Birmingham? According to Dilgard, commercial and residential development in the city's Rail and Triangle districts will be key going forward.

"These are areas with significant potential," he said."The development standards we have implemented over the past few years are progressive and allow for flexible, quality project design."

In addition, the city commission must continue working alongside Birmingham's relatively new city manager, Bob Bruner, in order to prioritize projects that will increase Birmingham's value as an attractive place for people to live and work.

For more

Check out Patch's profiles for all candidates running for the Birmingham City Commission:

  • James Foxley
The Truth October 07, 2011 at 11:06 AM
Do we really want more of George's "Practical Solutions"? He failed to mention that during his term of 4 years he has reduced the police Dept by more than 25%. Crime in downtown is the worst that I can ever remember. His expeirence with personnel also includes having our police officers working without a contract for three and a half years! Is this what the Citizens of Birmingham want? I would hope not. It is time to get out and vote for someone new that will restore the safety of this city.
The Truth October 07, 2011 at 11:33 AM
George also forgot to point out how wonderful and needed those granite balls are at Shain Monument. Oops... I mean Shain Park. What did those granite balls cost? One Police officer? Two Police officers?
Roger Gienapp October 08, 2011 at 01:09 PM
Practical george is the same guy wh told me while the Shain Park design was still being studied that the AdHoc Committee that he was a part of had already determined that it would recommend the underground parking solution. Keep in mind this was before any official conclusion had been reached or before all the public hearings had ben held. As a result of this misguided and foolish position Birmingham spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on professional design fees for nothing. I woonder how many city employees could have been paid with all that wasted money. Practical George ? Really?
Stealth Citizen October 10, 2011 at 11:47 AM
Under the current commission, this city has spent/wasted so much money on foolishness that it's not funny anymore. Let's count the ways 1) Shain Park w/granite balls, 2) Barnum Park which is less than 3-1/2 blocks from Shain Park, 3)Painting the backside of stop signs, 4)Resurfacing of Bowers between Woodward & Adams (A ROCKY MESS!!!). These are just the things that we (the public) can see!!! Imagine what we don't know! Vote for someone new!
Stealth Citizen October 10, 2011 at 11:55 AM
Didn't the city once own Barnum School? They sold it to Beaumont Hospital, then bought it back at a hefty price to prevent developers from building homes on the land. Then they spent a mint to demolish & rebuild a park? Parks are essential to a great community but what does Barnum have that Shain, Pierce or the park next to the YMCA doesn't (all within a SHORT walk from Barnum)?? We would have done better with taxable income coming in on that property. Time for a new commission. I know how I'm voting!


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