Meet the Candidates: David Potts Counts on Experience, Strong Support in State House Race

During the countdown to the Aug. 7 primary, Patch is bringing you profiles of the candidates running for local office.

The Aug. 7 primary election is drawing closer every day, but how much do you really know about the names on the ballot?

Patch is interviewing candidates running in the Aug. 7 primary, including the four candidates vying to be on the Republican ticket for the 40th District's seat in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The seat is currently filled by Rep. Chuck Moss (R-Birmingham), who is unable to run for re-election due to term limits ().

, the 40th district will be composed of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, and a portion of West Bloomfield.

Running for the spot are , , and Bloomfield Hills Commissioner Mike McCready. Democrat Dorian Coston will face the winner in November.

See how they measure up against one another at a meet-the-candidates forum from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday at  sponsored by the Oakland County League of Women Voters.

David Potts

Age: 70

Family: Potts is married to Oakland County Circuit Judge Wendy Potts, a former chief judge who was appointed to the bench by former Gov. John Engler in 1997. The couple has two daughters and two grandchildren.

Education: Potts is a graduate of the first Bloomfield Hills High School (currently ) and earned a bachelor's degree from Eastern Michigan University. He was the first of his family to graduate from college and went on to earn a law degree at Wayne State University.

Occupation: By trade, Potts is an attorney that has worked in private practice in Metro Detroit for more than 40 years. His office is currently located in Birmingham. Politically, Potts was elected to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners three times, and currently serves as chairman of the board's Planning and Building Committee. Before being elected to county office, Potts served on the Birmingham Planning Board.

Residence: Potts is a Bloomfield Township resident.

Other activities or endorsements: Potts' local endorsements include:

  • Downtown Birmingham/Bloomfield magazine
  • Current State Rep. and Birmingham resident Chuck Moss (R-Birmingham)
  • Birmingham Mayor Mark Nickita
  • Birmingham City Commissioners Tom McDaniel, Scott Moore, Gordon Rinschler and Stuart Sherman
  • Former Birmingham Mayor Coco Siewert
  • Former Birmingham City Commissioner Julie Plotnik

Why are you running for state representative?

Potts' primary motivation is help get Michigan's economy grow employment opportunities for generations.

"My oldest daughter recently had to relocate her family to Illinois due to Michigan's paucity of economic opportunities," he said. "We need to change our tax structure and regulatory climate so that businesses want to be located in Michigan and our citizens can have meaningful employment."

What are new ideas you would bring to the position/district?

"I want to introduce legislation that would require all of our public universities to use a common purchasing system," he said. "The Mackinac Center has issued studies that show there would be a significant cost savings if this were to be done."

What do you think are the biggest issues facing Michigan?

Potts said the state's top dilemma is the economy.

"The cost of government combined with a devastating decline in property values has created situations that are currently unsustainable," he said. "It may be another twenty years before we see property values, and the tax revenue associated with them, return to the previous levels of ten years ago."

"We need to rethink Michigan's tax system. I am proposing that the State Income Tax be reduced by twice the amount that Governor Snyder has proposed," Potts explained. "Michigan needs to be seen as a more desirable place to reside in and do business in."

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Debbie Thomas July 24, 2012 at 01:56 PM
This is the guy who runs the sleazy "stick it to your spouse" divorce ads.
Ron Dwyer July 24, 2012 at 02:02 PM
I fully support David Potts for the 40th State House of Representatives District. As a former resident of Bloomfield Township, who still has family in the Township, I want them to have the best leadership. I personally know David Potts and know him to be a man of his word. He is a man of inegrity and conviction. David always does what he believes is the best for his constituents. As a County Commissioner for the last 6 years, David Potts is a time tested leader, who has served his district extremely well. He was instrumental in helping Oakland County have a three year realistic budget, that has kept Oakland County's AAA bond rating. This bond rating keeps our taxes low! Dave can bring this leadership to Lansing! Voters confirmed their approval of David's leadership with re-elections in 2008 and 2010! David has been endorsed by many Republican leaders including, numerous State House memebers including; current 40th District State Representative Chuck Moss, Marty Knollenberg, Eileen Kowall, Gail Haines and numerous county commissioners including; Jim Runstead, Kathy Crawford, John Scott and many other state and local leaders! Learn more about David Potts at www.davidwpotts.org I hope you will join me and many others in supporting David Potts for State House Representative in the 40th District. Sincerely, Ronald Dwyer 9th Republican Distict Executive Board Member
Stephanie July 24, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Do NOT vote for David Potts. He is not the best candidate for the job, no matter what his friends who "personally" know him say.
Wait Staff July 24, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Potts is a LOSER candidate who, at 70 years old, should be put out to pasture instead of Congress.


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