How Did Birmingham Vote in Tuesday's Election?

Birmingham voters chose Mitt Romney over Barack Obama Tuesday night, as well as Republican Pete Hoekstra over the re-elected U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

While Birmingham didn't always vote with the pack on Tuesday night, the city proved to serve as a model for several state- and county-wide elections.

In total, 13,106 Birmingham residents cast a ballot in Tuesday's election. About 4,600 of those — around 35 percent — were submitted absentee. That brings Tuesday's voter turnout to 78 percent.

This is just about on par with the voter turnout during the 2008 presidential election, City Clerk Laura Broski said. Voter turnout four years ago was 79 percent, she said.

On the ballot in Birmingham were a number of national, state- and county-level candidates for various offices, from U.S. Senator to Oakland County Clerk. Also on Birmingham's ballot were a school board election and city charter amendment.

The most notable difference between Birmingham's results and the rest of Michigan was the vote for U.S. President. Fifty-four percent of Birmingham residents voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, compared to President Barack Obama's 44.6 percent of the vote.

As a state, however, Michigan's electoral votes went to Obama Tuesday night, giving the Democrat the boost he needed to win the election.

Birmingham's vote in 2012, however, comes a break from the last presidential election. According to Broski, Obama received 52 percent of Birmingham's vote in 2008.

Wondering how Birmingham residents voted? Here's a breakdown of Birmingham's winners:

U.S. President

  • Mitt Romney — 54.6 percent
  • Barack Obama — 44.6 percent

U.S. Senator

  • Pete Hoekstra — 50.2 percent
  • Debbie Stabenow — 47.4 percent

U.S. House of Representatives - 11th District

  • Kerry Bentivolio — 53.6 percent
  • Syed Taj — 43 percent

Michigan House of Representatives - 40th District

  • Michael McCready — 60.6 percent
  • Dorian Coston — 35.6 percent
  • Steve Burgis — 2.7 percent

Oakland County Commissioner - 12th District

  • Shelley Goodman Taub — 63.4 percent
  • Paul Secrest — 36.3 percent

Oakland County Executive

  • L. Brooks Patterson — 68.8 percent
  • Kevin Howley — 31.1 percent

Prosecuting Attorney

  • Mike Bishop — 55.7 percent
  • Jessica Cooper — 41.9 percent

Oakland County Sheriff

  • Michael Bouchard — 71 percent
  • Jane Felice Boudreau — 28.9 percent

Oakland County Clerk

  • Bill Bullard — 58.3 percent
  • Lisa Brown — 41.5 percent

Oakland County Treasurer

  • Marty Knollenberg — 56.7 percent
  • Andy Meisner — 43.2 percent

Water Resources Commissioner

  • John McCulloch — 60.6 percent
  • Jim Nash — 39.2 percent

6th Circuit Court Judge

Incumbent (pick five)

  • Leo Bowman — 15.4 percent
  • Deborah Carley — 7.8 percent
  • Phyllis McMillen — 16.9 percent
  • Denise Langford Morris — 17.3 percent
  • Wendy Potts — 19.3 percent
  • William Rollstin — 5.9 percent
  • Michael Warren — 17.3 percent

Non-Incumbent (pick one)

  • Dan Christ — 48.5 percent
  • Karen McDonald — 51.2 percent

48th District Court Judge

  • Diane D'Agostini — 66.3 percent
  • Josh Arnkoff — 33.2 percent

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Birmingham Mom November 07, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Obama owns this economy and Americas dangerous position worldwide. With no one to blame, will he lead this time?
Keith Best November 08, 2012 at 11:50 AM
The headlines should be screaming "Millions of Americans duped again". Axelrod and the Chicago gang ran one of the sleaziest campaigns ever defining Romney as something he was not. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Sadly, we will get more of the same from a president who was in over his head from day one. The Obamabots swallowed their lies, hook, line and sinker.


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