City Clarifies Rules About Drinking at Birmingham's Golf Courses

Alcohol is not allowed at any city-owned park and property — with the exception of the golf courses, the newly refined city code reads.

Even though Birmingham plans to start selling beer and wine soon at the city's two golf courses, the Birmingham City Commission made it clear Monday night: Alcohol is not permitted anywhere else in city parks.

At their Monday night meeting, commissioners amended the city code to note that "no person shall bring into, have in their possession, drink or consume any intoxicant or intoxicating beverage in any park areas and city owned properties."

This is, of course, with the exception of beer and wine sold for consumption at the as the .

, but they noted that only beer and wine (no hard liquor) will be sold, and alcohol will be sold only to those golfing or attending golf functions. For that reason, beer and wine will also be allowed at the Springdale Shelter, as it often hosts golfing functions.

To begin preparing, City Manager Bob Bruner said city staff is preparing the courses' two clubhouses for security and storage of the alcohol. The city also intends to install security cameras at both clubhouses and train staff on how to sell alcohol responsibly.

Bruner noted that while the application for a liquor license includes a dance and dance/entertainment permit, the city doesn't intend the use those permits at this time and, per city policy, does not rent out the golf courses for private events.

While acknowledging that selling alcohol at the golf courses is meant to raise money and help those courses remain competitive, Commissioner Rackeline Hoff questioned the money spent in advance.

"Are we spending too much money implementing this?" she asked.

Bruner said installing the security camera installation was a one-time spending loss and that the cost to train staff is marginal. Bruner also said the city had to purchase additional liability insurance because of the alcohol sales, but that too came at a low cost.

Debra L. Van Buren February 18, 2013 at 06:36 PM
Selling beer and wine at golf courses is a nice accomodation for its' guests and/or patrons. I do not believe too much money will be spent implementing this. I favor such provision.


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