UPDATE: South Bar Stabbing Suspects Charged With Felonious Assault

Two brothers allegedly connected with NFL player Braylon Edwards were arrested early Monday morning for stabbing two bouncers with a fork and knife during a fight.

Two brothers have been charged with felonious assault after a bar fight at early Monday morning resulted in two bouncers being stabbed with a fork and knife.

Cmdr. Terry Kiernan said the brothers — Tre Lenard Wright, 19, of Detroit and Earl Jerome Wright, 28, of Lathrup Village — were arraigned in 48th District Court late Monday afternoon.

According to Kiernan, South Bar bouncers were trying to break up a large fight in the back part of the bar and restaurant around 2 a.m. Monday. Suddenly, according to police reports, one bouncer realized he had been stabbed in the neck with a fork and began trying to detain the man, Tre Wright, who had stabbed him.

Meanwhile, another man — Earl Wright, Kiernan said — stabbed a second bouncer in the hand with a pocket knife, slicing his hand open.

According to police reports, the bouncers chased the two men through the bar and outside, where Birmingham police were already gathered to monitor the large crowd leaving the bar. Earl Wright ran through the glass railing surrounding South's front porch. He shattered the glass and fell to the sidewalk, where he was stopped by police, reports state.

Meanwhile, police continued chasing the Tre Wright into the street, where he too was eventually apprehended. Both bouncers were taken to William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, where they were treated and released early this morning.

Kiernan said police aren't exactly sure whether the original fight is linked to the two men's motives for attacking the bouncers, noting that even though bouncers identified two primary "sides" to the fight, they told police they aren't sure who was involved and why they were fighting.

My Fox Detroit reported that the two men were part of an entourage connected with New York Jets wide receiver and Detroit native Braylon Edwards. In fact, according to a report in the Birmingham Eccentric, the brothers are reported to be Edwards' cousins.

Kiernan said Birmingham police didn't talk or see Edwards at the bar, but a tweet sent from Edwards' Twitter account that evening read "Damn. Get ya knuckles ready" and "Don't fight if. You don't know how."

Edwards later said his Twitter account had been hacked. Kiernan said police aren't sure whether the entourage claim is correct, though he said Tre Wright told police "I know Braylon Edwards." South Bar, meanwhile, released a statement Wednesday saying "Braylon was present and involved" with the fight, though they declined to say any more.

Earl Wright was released on $20,000 bond while the Tre Wright was released on $5,000 bond. Earl Wright gave false information to police upon his arrest, claiming his named was Edmund Jerrell Wright and he was 22 years old. Fingerprints later revealed him to be Earl Wright and 28.

mrobusto August 03, 2011 at 01:09 PM
Unbelievable!!...this place is a joke! It seems there is something in the local news every week about trouble at South (and Hamilton Room, for that matter.) The city does not have the resources to send a bunch of police officers to these bars every weekend night just to help control the crowds at closing time. Somehow the other, more established bars in town (e.g., 220, Rugby, Streetside, Dick's) all manage to run their businesses without police intervention on a weekly basis. The City Commission did review the liquor licenses for both of these establishments recently and gave them both the "thumbs up". What is it going to take to get these places under control? If a stabbing(s) isn't enough, maybe the city is waiting for a shooting before they act. I would have thought the Commission would have learned something from the problems the city experienced with the Blue Martini. As a lifetime resident of Birmingham, I am concerned that the city is courting too many bars and bistros as the answer to declining retail revenues. Most of the people who frequent these establishments do not live in the city and, unfortunately, are bringing trouble with them. If you haven't driven through the downtown area after 11 pm on a weekend night in a while, you may be surprised at what you see going on.
Martina Panian August 03, 2011 at 09:04 PM
Seriously?!? I and my family just moved here a month ago from Sylvan Lake..we shared a border with Pontiac and in the month here I have heard more sirens, read more reports on crime and violence and now I have to lock my car and garage?!?!? 9 years we lived in Sylvan and never had my car broken in to, or anything taken from my garage. Bars along Orchard Lake Rd had never reported incidents such as South.... And city police murdering a dog, my neighbors bikes stolen....whats up Birmingham?
lou collins August 07, 2011 at 12:53 AM
Thanks to the self-centered greed of the Birmingham Downtown Merchants Association who use the worth of this town as a platform for their own advancement, no one should be surprised when rabble from outside and wreck one of the few nice towns left in Michigan. No one wants to say it, but a lot of these people are just scum fueled on alcohol. On the other hand, I've been spending more time in the Romeo area. Nice place, that. It will take at least 30 years for the crud to spread that direction and I wouldn't mind living a nice quiet life like Birmingham used to offer. Look what's happened to Seaholm High school and the armed mugging by kids in the downtown parking garages. This is the way this town is headed. Put it this way, you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.
Natalie August 07, 2011 at 10:10 PM
Wow! Some of these comments really blow my mind. Lou Collins, why don't you just say it... You hate ethnicticity. Yes, it's wrong what happened at South Bar, but you get that many people togehter, mix in booze and a couple bad apple, and this could very easily happen (even in Romeo). It's sad that a few bad seeds can spoil it for everyone. Hopefully this event wont hurt the reputation of the establishment where it happened, and hopefully the right people pay yhe price.
crazycatlady August 08, 2011 at 11:54 AM
WOW! momof2. Are you kidding me? I see nothing in Lou collins comments that would lead me to your opinion that he's racist. Scum is scum except from your view. Hope it never happens to you. Hope you're raising your kids better than the mothers of the scum did.


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