Police Blotter: Officers Apprehend Unruly Man Outside Hamilton Room

In other police news this week, PA equipment was stolen from Little League volunteers, and a laptop was taken from the front seat of a parked car.

Here's a roundup of recent reports.

Man arrested for disorderly conduct outside Hamilton Room

Police were called to the early Sunday after valets complained that a man was harassing customers outside the nightclub. According to police reports, the responding officers said the man appeared very intoxicated. Officers recognized the man as someone who previously had been arrested for numerous crimes, all of which were alcohol-related, the reports said. According to police reports, the man then made threatening statements to the officers, after which he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct. He was held until sober and released on bond.

Public address equipment taken from Little League setup

Conductor and speaker wire was stolen May 20 from , left there by Birmingham Little League volunteers setting up for the next day's All Star game. According to police reports, 300 feet of conductor wire and 100 feet of speaker wire, used for the PA system, were discovered missing when volunteers showed up Saturday morning. The approximate value of the wire was $400. Police have no leads so far.

Apple laptop taken from car

A laptop was stolen Tuesday from a car parked in the shopping center on Maple near Chesterfield Road. According to police reports, a man left his Apple Mac laptop — worth approximately $3,000 — on the front seat of the car with the windows down around 11:30 a.m. He was gone for three to five minutes, reports say, and when he returned, the laptop was missing. So far, the police have no leads.

If you have any tips, contact the at 248-530-1889.


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