Woman Hits South Bar Security Guard With Car, Police Say

The following information was supplied by the Birmingham Police Department. Arrests or charges do not indicate a conviction.

Following is a roundup of recent Birmingham Police reports:

Woman tried to run out on her tab, report says

A 26-year-old woman from Warren was arrested for reckless driving Saturday night after a confrontation at .

According to police reports, the woman was confronted by South Bar's security staff around midnight Saturday after she was unable to pay her tab. As security staff were speaking with her, she grabbed a glass and threw it toward the front of the bar area.

Security staff tried to detain the woman and her friends, telling them police were en route, but the group left the bar and got into a car in the adjacent parking lot. Police reports state that when security staff tried to block the exit to the parking lot, the woman struck two of the security personnel workers with her car, causing minor injuries. She and her friends then left in the car.

Meanwhile, a police officer saw the woman leave the scene and stopped her at the gas station on Woodward. No charges were filed against the other women in the car.

Security staff foil attempted liquor theft at Kroger

A 42-year-old man from Detroit was arrested in connection with trying to steal four bottles of liquor from on Monday night.

According to police reports, loss prevention personnel at Kroger saw the man take the liquor around 10:20 p.m., then walk to an aisle where he opened a box of aluminum foil and began wrapping the foil around the liquor bottle's security sensors. Police believe the man thought this would prevent the sensors at the door from being activated.

The man then placed one of the bottles in his clothing, reports state. At that point, loss prevention personnel detained the man and called the police. The man was charged with retail fraud. The man also had multiple warrants out of Detroit for larceny.

Woman claims her cash was taken at ATM

Police are looking for a woman whom they suspect took $210 in cash from an automated teller machine. According to police reports, a woman was using one of two ATMs at the on Woodward Avenue around 4:45 p.m. Monday. She was withdrawing $210 when the suspect, who was standing at the other ATM, asked for a pen. The woman searched her purse until she found a pen, then handed it to the suspect.

Police say the woman then noticed that the cash dispensed by the machine wasn't there. She told police that at first, she thought the machine pulled the money back in while she was looking for the pen, so she made another withdrawal of $210 and left the bank.

When she got home, police say the woman grew suspicious and checked her account online, where she found two transactions from the ATM for $210. The woman told police she believes the other woman took the money from the ATM when she wasn't looking. The woman has been described as in her mid-20's, with long dark hair in a ponytail, wearing a sweatsuit with a blue spiral stripe down one leg.

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