Drunk Man Hit on Woodward Early Wednesday Morning

The Farmington Hills man was transported to the hospital with a broken leg and bruises, police say.

A Farmington Hills man was treated at Beaumont Hospital after being hit by a car on Woodward early Wednesday morning.

According to Birmingham Police, the 57-year-old, who had been drinking and wearing dark clothing, was walking in the middle of Woodward just south of Oak around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

It was then that he was hit by a car, driven by a Birmingham man. According to police reports and several witnesses, the driver tried to stop when he saw the man walking in the middle of his lane.

According to Birmingham Cmdr. Terry Kiernan, the driver told police he was only going 20-30 miles per hour at the time because of pot holes, though he could have been driving up to 40 miles per hour, Kiernan said.

"Witness stated that the guy did his best to stop and try to avoid the pedestrian," Kiernan said, "but where the accident happened it is very dark and on a curve."

Kiernan said the Farmington Hills man suffered a broken leg and other cuts and bruises, and was immediately transported to Beaumont for treatment. The man was later cited for interfering with traffic and causing an accident.

TheNxtGen February 01, 2013 at 12:28 PM
Guess your neglected roads are good for something....saved a man's life.
JCR February 01, 2013 at 03:22 PM
Not that walking in the middle of Woodward is a good idea, but I've never understood why that stretch of Woodward is the only one with no street lights. There are lights north of Oak and south of Oakland, but that stretch of Woodward is unlit and quite dark. There are homes close to the road on the West side Woodward, certainly, but there are shaded and more focused streetlights available to minimize light polution.
dredk March 19, 2013 at 01:29 PM
I agree with the previous comment. I have lived in the neighborhood east of woodward (poppleton park) for over 20 years. Traveling south on Woodward I have to use the turnaround to get onto Wimbleton. (north of Oak south of oakland) It's really really hard to see it at night. If someone were walking on the road or even median...just forget it. But 20 mph? In Michigan? I highly doubt it. Something is fishy about that, don't you think? Maybe right after a light has changed. It's questionable. A driver needs to be aware of everything in the road, other cars, pedestrians, And potholes?? I don't know about any potholes. And was the driver using a cellphone? Maybe that explains the 20mph. Maybe we say that just because the man was drunk he had it coming to home. Right? Life is complicated.


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