Opinion: Snow Emergency Means YOU.

To the people who leave their cars on the streets during a snow emergency.  Surely you must  be aware of the problems it makes for your neighbors.  When you do get around to moving them and the plows come through twice, it raises havoc for those who did put their cars in the driveway or garage.  All the snow left on the street because of your cars, gets plowed across your  neighbors driveways or to the end of the street.  I live at the end of your street.  The 'double' sidewalks to the street have twice as much plowed snow.  I, and my helpful neighbors and son in-law have twice the work to make it safe for walkers.  Sign up for City alerts on your computer or listen to the radio or watch tv.  Be a GOOD neighbor.
Kitty February 08, 2014 at 09:31 AM
I agree with the comment. Its rude and obnoxious that people leave cars in streets during snowfalls. It does make it difficult for polite neighbors that put their cars in their driveways or garages. If you are a family that has too many cars in your household that's your problem don't make it your whole neighborhoods problem. Use your driveway like a good neighbor. Have some respect and courtesy. It's downright rude and the street is not your private driveway or parking lot.
lois casey February 08, 2014 at 12:26 PM
I live across from Quarton School. When the parking ban was in effect, all the teachers and helpers were parked on Oak. It still isn't plowed to the curb. Thanks Birmingham Public Schools for not enforcing your employees park in the PARKING LOT.


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