Letter to the Editor: 2 Area Attorneys Recommend Cooper for County Prosecutor

"Michael Bishop is a 12-year Lansing politician who has never tried or prosecuted a felony case," write attorneys Francis Hughes and Otis Underwood, who support Jessica Cooper for Oakland County Prosecutor.

Dear Editor:

Who are we? We are two well-experienced Oakland County attorneys who are familiar with the qualifications of Jessica Cooper and Michael Bishop, the two candidates running for Oakland County Prosecutor.

Jessica Cooper is a former District judge, Circuit judge, Court of Appeals judge, and a four-year term Oakland prosecutor who supervises a staff of 180 persons, icluding criminal trial lawyers, investigators, legal secretaries, etc. All in a county with a current population of 1.21 million persons.

Michael Bishop is a 12-year Lansing politician who has never tried or prosecuted a felony case. He was term-limited out of office and one of his last acts was an attempt to reverse the term limits law. Thankfully, he failed to do so. He has since been self-employed as a real estate attorney. He did handle some ordinance violations and minor traffic offenses, but that does not make him a prosecuting attorney as those matters are usually settled by payment of a fine, removal of a sign or a plea of guilty to a lesser traffic offense.

The voters should ask themselves, "If I were charged with a serious crime, would I hire Michael Bishop?" If you would not hire him as your attorney, why would you put him in charge of all the trials for all of the felony cases in Oakland County for the next four years?

Sincerely Yours,

Francis P. Hughes, Oakland Township
Otis M. Underwood, Oxford

About the authors of this letter

Otis Underwood: I practice law from my office in Oxford. I have actively practiced for 42 years in both District Courts and County Circuit Courts, including Wayne, Lapeer, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee and several other Michigan counties as well as the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court and Federal District Courts in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio and Georgia. What is the nature of my practice? It is largely civil but I have also tried misdemeanor cases in district courts and at least 50 circuit court felony cases. (A felony is a crime with a two-or-more-year sentence.)

Francis P. Hughes: I am retired after practicing 33 years, including three years in Gaylord, MI and 30 years in Rochester, including 23 years as a partner in Bebout, Potere, Cox, Hughes & O'Mara and seven years as a sole practitioner. I retired in 2000. The nature of my experience was largely civil but I trie eight felony cases. I was briefly an assistant city attorney in Gaylord and an assistant city attorney in Rochester, where I handled both traffic offenses and city ordinance violations. I have practiced in many district courts and county circuit courts, including Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Genesee and 18 other Michigan counties. I also practiced in the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court, Eastern District.

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M Scott October 17, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Neither of these attorneys has a clue about what Cooper has done to that office. Her inability to effectively lead the OCPO has resulted in over 3 dozen experienced trial attorneys leaving. She has cut off ties with other prosecuting attorneys and local law enforcement. She has failed in her responsibilities by charging on a homicide charge without the input of the medical examiner. She wasted our money by prosecuting a man for reading his wife's email, then 2 years later dismissing the charges just before trial. Cooper must be fired. Mike Bishop will reinstate OCPO as the most respected Prosecutors Office in the Country. www.mikebishop.com
Kent W October 19, 2012 at 10:33 PM
If M Scott is really Margeret Scott, then she has a personal axe to grind against Cooper because she was not kept on when Cooper took office. Why, you ask? Because she kept dumping her cases on the Circuit Court APAs and going to baseball games during work hours (after being demoted by Gorcyca)? And in response to the inevitable ‘you are working for Cooper’ comment that followed this post on the other patch website, I am not, but I am terrified that a politician who has shown that he will do ‘favors’ for people who contribute to his campaign (i.e. Mouron, where he delayed a vote for months after receiving lots of $) could become prosecutor, especially when he has absolutely no experience in this area (processing municipal ticket cases two decades ago does not give someone the experience needed to make critical decisions on felony cases). I view Cooper very similar to Patterson. Love them or hate them personally, both are uniquely qualified for the jobs that they hold, and the County would suffer if either of them are beaten by their inexperienced, and quite frankly, unqualified, opponents.
francis P. Hughes October 20, 2012 at 01:13 AM
worse yet he has taken Maroun's money and he may have forgot to gave the money a good bath before he put it in his pocket. .It is downright scarey that he is running for any public office. I hope he at least washed his hands.


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