Bundling. Phooey.

My neighbor decided to try the convenience of bundling his TV, computer and removing his land line and adding  a phone connected to the other two.  They all went out overnight.  The batteries lasted a few short hours.  I have AT&T internet and cable.  I also lost them for overnight and part of the next day.  I, however, kept my LAND LINE!  Yea.  I had a connection to the outside world!  Listen up folks.  Don't let them  convince you land lines are a thing of the past.  They are not!  Land lines are there when you really need them!  You don't have to rely on short term batteries.  You can call 911 on the first try!  Complain to the companies that want to end them and keep complaining!
birminghammarge.blogspot.com January 03, 2014 at 04:38 PM
PS. A non land line won't automatically tell the police or fire dept. from where the call is coming.


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