Share the Good News, Birmingham: Returned iPhone Inspires Call for Positive Stories

The story of a returned iPhone got this editor thinking: let's talk about the good things going on in Birmingham.

Sometimes the news can get depressing, including the news on the Birmingham Patch.

However, we want you to be happy reading Birmingham Patch. And so the story of a lost iPHone, returned despite a rainy day and the temptation not to care, is inspiring us to ask you: what are your good news stories about Birmingham?

These stories can be as simple as a friendly face on a bad day, a jogger who helped chase down your loose dog, or a lawyer on his lunch break, pulling someone out of traffic downtown.

We kick off this series with the story shared by Dearnborn Heights resident Ina Fernandez. Fernandez, a financial analyst with , was meeting a friend for lunch at last week when she realized she lost her iPhone somewhere in Birmingham earlier that day.

I was meeting a friend at a Birmingham restaurant today. I was getting ready to call her when I noticed I did not have my phone with me and assumed I had left it at home. A few minutes later, a woman came into the restaurant and asked if anyone was missing an iPhone. It was mine! She apparently found it on the street and noticed I had an appointment at the restaurant. She walked a couple of blocks in the rain to the restaurant and asked around the rooms for the owner.

I was so surprised, all I could do was give her a big hug of thanks. I did not have the presence of mind to get her name. So thank you mystery lady. Your thoughtfullness still brings a smile to my face.

Love this story as much as we did? Make sure to share your happy news and stories of kindness in the comments below, or shoot an email to Laura.Houser@patch.com.

John Rohrbeck May 04, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Nice story with a happy ending. We need to focus a lot more of our community energy on positive, uplifting and motivating stories instead of fires & murders we see every night on TV news.


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