Best of the Blogs: Discussing the Principal Shopping District and More

Every week, Birmingham Patch highlights the best of our local bloggers.

Have you ever wanted to know how the city of Birmingham works? How about the national government? City Manager Bob Bruner answers a reader's request about how the (PSD) works this week's blog post for Patch, while around-the-town blogger Clinton Baller shares a New Yorker article about the .

: What is the Principal Shopping District? Who is a member? How do they fit within the structure of Birmingham city government? What do they do anyway? Bruner answers your questions in his latest blog post all the while encouraging others to send in their questions or concerns:

Thanks for the question and keep them coming. Please send your comments and questions to rbruner@bhamgov.org. I may not be able to reply to each e‐mail but I will address common concerns and questions here

: Home organizer blogger Jennifer Heard returns with a post on July being "purposeful parenting month" and how area parents can find time to truly dedicate themselves to their kids:

So, this month, be purposeful in this: Tell your children how much you love, admire, cherish and otherwise revere them. Tell them your hopes and dreams for them, and talk with them about how you can help support them in achieving the things they want, the goals they have set.

: Book blogger Megan Shaffer takes readers into the trippy world of Wire to Wire this week, written by Michigan-native Scott Sparling. The book explores the darker side of northern Michigan in this thriller, with Shaffer noting:

Sparling offers up a bevy of vice hidden among the sweet, touristy towns that sprinkle the state’s map. Next to photo-ops and fudge shops, Wire to Wire positions the seductive forces of money and sex which play out through Sparling's hazy constructs, sharp dialogue and escalating acts of violence.

: Have you or anyone you know ever considered bankruptcy? Business and law blogger Lori Williams shares what you should know before declaring in a discussion with Southfield attorney Julie Smyk. Williams' strongest point? Don't go through bankruptcy alone:

While it may be tempting to draw your own conclusions by researching articles on the Internet or talking to friends about what they did, ultimately each person’s debt issues and available recourse needs to be looked at individually by an experienced and knowledgeable professional.


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