Can You Name This Event? / ANSWERED

Play this guess game....I'll give the answer in another blog.

  • This EVENT will be held on Monday, October 8, 2012.
  • This event is assumed (by me) to be the reason the regularly scheduled Monday Board of Trustees meeting is being canceled and rescheduled to Wednesday, Oct. 10. 
  • The "official" reason for the change in the Board of Trustees meeting date is "a lack of a quorum".
  • This event is not posted on the township website as of 10/5/12
  • I did not see it advertised or mentioned in local papers/ print or online.
  • This information was found on another website via google: 
    "**( I'm leaving this word out intentionally) administrators reserve the right to refuse registration to uninvited participants**
  • Assume that it is benefitting a non-profit.
  • The township annual reports did not mention this annual EVENT in the past.
  • Assume township employees are involved.
  • Assume township vendors are involved.
  • Assume township area businesses are involved.
  • Cannot assume township taxpayers are involved (since there has been no notification on the website or at prior township meetings).
  • However, were there "invitations" to special taxpayers ?  Were you one of them?


Enter your guess of this EVENT in the comment section. 

If you know the answer, please tell the readers of this blog how you know and when you first heard about the event. 

I don't know why the township keeps this EVENT such a secret from the taxpayers on their website and in their annual report. 

I do know the EVENT and will blog more details after the EVENT.


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Timothy October 08, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Seriously, Are you really complaining about a fundraiser for our police force? This is so distasteful and offensive it is not even funny. I have had the privilage of working at OHCC in the past few years and have the knowledge that these events always run smoothly and are a good time. So what if our officers and hard working employess wish to take ONE day off to support our brave police force? I would highly suggest you write an apology to the brave men and women of our police department.
Publius Valerius 48304 October 08, 2012 at 01:45 PM
To assume this is some type of profitable enterprise for the police department (which is what you do when you repeatedly put "non-profit" in quotes and suggest this should be reflected in the annual report) is reckless. And can you blame people for not meeting with you? I respect your work as a citizen watchdog blogger, I truly do, but don't we kind of know where you want to go with this? I strongly suspect that this is a non-profit organization that "raises money to support public safety personnel and their families during times of death, injury, illness, or personal crisis" (a simple Google search). Let's assume this stated purpose is correct, and your statement that this arose out of the death of an officer is also correct, are we really going to deny these officers and this police department their participation in an annual fundraiser to support the family? I get your point, let's make sure people's time is accounted for correctly, but in the bigger picture, that officers would form this organization and put on this type of event shows the high quality and character of the people who serve our Township. Sure there's limited space in the outing and, I'm not surprised that it fills up with people mostly connected with police officers such as other public servants and officials. I don't begrudge them. How we treat difficult and tragic situations says something about us as a community. I wish them well.
Marcia Robovitsky October 08, 2012 at 02:59 PM
My question is : Why the secrecy? How hard is it for the township supervisor or any other employee to say: Monday, Oct. 8 is the day the Police Department holds their annual golf outing to benefit their Benevolent Fund? Can't employees say, many of us are attending the event, therefore we are rescheduling the Board of Trustees meeting? Why the secrecy? "....a governement entity should not advertise, endorse,or promote a charity. It is the responsibility and duty of the charity to promote its own endeavors. ...." posted by D.S.G. above. OK, then why have the address and phone number of the Bloomfield Township government offices in the literature? If governments should not do all of that: Why does Bloomfield Township DONATE our tax dollars to charities each year such as Preservation Bloomfield, BBFA, BBCC and others? FYI: Our elected leaders and/or trustees are on the Boards of some of those charities yet continue to vote at Township Board of Trustees meetings to give township tax dollars to them. A conflict of interest? PV48304 wrote in part: "...it fills up with people mostly connected with police officers such as other public servants and officials...." and "...says something about us as a community...." The difficult and tragic situation that began this police benevolent fund happened in our COMMUNITY....employees and taxpayers knew this officer, yet the taxpayers are apparently kept uninformed about this fund's biggest event. WHY?
David St.Germaine October 09, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Ms. Robovitsky, you are trying to stir controversy where there is none. You are the consummate conspiracy theorist. No facts will sway your obstinate ignorance. Please do keep up the Don Quixote "Tilting at windmills" and show what you are really about.
Marcia Robovitsky October 09, 2012 at 07:13 AM
What I am really about is seeking open and transparent government. I want the facts out in the open and available for all to review. Are you, DSG, the West Bloomfield Police Department evidence technician officer that was mentioned in a previous Patch article where you were seeking evidence where a shooting occurred? If yes, you know how important it is to find the facts. Your post about me is opinion. The fact is there was an announcement on the internet, not the township website, of a golf outing with the township address, phone number and a police officer as the contact person. The event was sold out and had a statement about reserving the right to refuse registration to uninvited guests. Then, the township canceled a regularly scheduled meeting on the same day and when I directly asked why was the meeting being canceled, the answer was for a "lack of a quorum". No mention of the golf outing. Now, the Police Benevolent Fund has been mentioned on the township website before. They have been the beneficiary of funds raised at township sponsored events ie: Woodward Cruise. Yet, the PBF is not mentioned in the police dept. annual report. I think the taxpayers should be informed especially since the address and phone number used was the Township offices. It was stated: "We will be adding a Bloomfield Township Police Officer or Township Official to your foursome .." Therefore, I want to know: who were the sponsors? Do they do business with or in the township?


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