Local Pastry Chef Shares Holiday Recipes

Shannon Kellett, the pastry chef from the Forest Grill, shares one of her favorite recipes to make for her family during the holidays.

In light of a LivingSocial reader poll naming Detroit as the worst "dining out" city in the United States, the pastry chef from Birmingham's offered up her own favorite holiday recipes.

Shannon Kellett is the pastry chef for the Zagat-rated Forest Grill, which was named the Detroit Free Press Restaurant of the Year in 2010. Kellett was one of the chefs quoted in The Huffington Post Detroit story Dec. 12, sharing a recipe for her favorite French almond macaroons.

"Who doesn't think of cookies when the Christmas season is upon us?" Kellette said. "Making boxes of cookies with my mom takes me back to the days when I was a little girl."

Kellett said the French almond macaroons have remained a family and personal favorite recipe no matter what the year.

"Through the years I have gained more and more recipes and this cookie recipe will always remain my favorite," she said. "With a crispy exterior, chewy inside and creamy ganache filling, these macaroon beauties won't disappoint."


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