Barnum Park Ice Rink Still Under Water

Temperatures haven't been cold enough to keep Birmingham's outdoor ice rink frozen. The rink was still a pool of water on Wednesday.

The weather has been awfully frosty lately, and with the ground covered in snow and sledders hitting the hills, it may be tempting to strap on those ice skates and hit up Birmingham's outdoor ice rink in Barnum Park.

Not so fast. The city's only outdoor ice rink, located at the corner of Frank and Purdy streets, was still under water Wednesday — it was, in fact, all water.

According to Director of Public Services Lauren Wood, the city began filling the rink on Wednesday after a delay in setting up the ice rink due to the snow over Christmas.

Wood said the water should take a few days to freeze now, and skaters should stay off for the time being.

The ice rink typically opens every year in mid-December, or once the weather is cold enough to freeze the half a foot of water and keep it frozen. Hockey fans and ice skaters are asked to check bhamgov.org/barnum for an announcement as to when the rink will open for the season.

The city maintains the rink until mid-February, at which point the ice rink remains for as long as weather conditions allow. The city will not resurface or replace rink materials after that point if the ice melts.

The ice rink had a late start last winter as well, opening only intermittently throughout the season.

"Hopefully, it will be in service more than last winter," Wood said.

While it will still be chilly, temperatures won't be dipping too low during the next few days. According to the National Weather Service, there's a chance of snow on Thursday though the high will reach 29 degrees both Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will be in the low 30's this weekend, while overnight lows will only hit a low of 19 degrees.


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