Lyudviga Couture Wins Birmingham's Storefront Decorating Contest

The Townsend Street boutique received more than 1,000 votes for their "Let It Snow"-inspired window decor.

Adding even more holiday cheer to a downtown already decked out for the holidays, on Friday the Birmingham Principal Shopping District named Lyudviga Couture the winner of its 2012 Storefront Decorating Contest.

The specialty clothing boutique, which opened at 105 Townsend in 2011, received more than 1,000 votes during the PSD's contest, which asked downtown retailers to dress up their windows using "Let It Snow" as their inspiration.

In total, 24 downtown stores participated in the contest — brought back this year after a two-year hiatus. More than 3,000 votes were submitted at the PSD's Facebook page, Enjoy Birmingham NOW.

"Our goal is to get stores excited about creating great windows," the PSD's executive director, John Heiney, said. "Everyone loves decorated storefronts in downtowns this time of year. Birmingham has some of the best around!"

Coming in second place was Departure Travel Management, whose window received more than 600 votes, followed by the BluArch Collection, which received nearly 450 votes.

"We are pleased with the participation and creativity from our stores," said Heiney. "We're grateful so many people supported the contest through their vote on Facebook."

For their win, Lyudviga Couture and it owners will receive a voucher for an overnight stay at the Townsend Hotel. In addition, the PSD plans to randomly draw a name from all the voters to receive a $100 gift certificate to Lyudviga Couture.

Racer Boy December 22, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Birmingham has just 24 merchants participating in a Christmas decoration contest? Does anyone besides me think that is a pityful level of interest? I always thought Christmas was the most profitable shopping season of the year. These other merchants must be either uncaring and lazy or don't really need the business or both. Next time they ask their citizenry to "shop local" the people may want to rethink where they spend their money.


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