Building Easter Baskets For Kids and Adults

Emily Barker of Schakolad shares tips for constructing the perfect Easter basket.

Easter baskets aren't just for kids.

In fact, Emily Barker, owner of 's Northville location, said that some of her most popular baskets are for adults. Whoever you're constructing a basket for, there are a few things to keep in mind while assembling homemade ones:

  1. Pick a basket: You can find baskets in different sizes and colors at department and crafts stores. Barker said Michael's carries a good variety. Some chocolatiers, like Schakolad, carry edible chocolate baskets if that strikes your fancy. You can get the name of your recipient written on the basket too.
  2. Filling the basket: Add a little bit of decorative grass to the bottom. "You can add a few things that aren't chocolate," she said. Books and toys are suggested picks. "People appreciate that you made it yourself."
  3. Add candy: One advantage to making your own basket is that you can vary the type of chocolate that goes into it, she said. Adults tend to prefer milk and dark chocolate. You can also add touches like chocolate covered Oreos, pretzels or rice crispies treats. Chocolate truffles come in a number of flavors. She said that you can cater to your recipient's tastes or add something basic like a chocolate covered bunny.
  4. Wrapping the basket: You can also pick up ribbons and transparent wrap from craft stores to decorate the finished product later. Another choice for wrapping is to use a flat-bottomed bag, like the ones they use at her store.
  5. Storing chocolate: Most molded chocolate can be kept for six months or longer, she said. Some truffles, however, can have a shorter shelf life. It is suggested to keep chocolate somewhere cool and away from heat.Though some people may freeze or refrigerate chocolate, that isn't really necessary, she said.

What does your Easter basket look like? Share it by clicking the "Upload Photos and Videos" button below the photos on this page.


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