Best Thing We Ate This Week: Trying Something New at What Crepe?

We stopped by Birmingham's newest boutique eatery, What Crepe? on North Old Woodward Avenue.

I've eaten crepes in a lot of places (all outside France, of course). I've had crepes from a food cart in Burlington, VT featuring farm-fresh ingredients from, literally, right down the road. I've eaten giant breakfast crepes at the famous St. Lawrence market in Toronto.

Funny enough, however, I hadn't tried a crepe from Michigan until this week when I finally stopped by Birmingham's new What Crepe? on North Old Woodward Avenue.

I had "The Obvious" from the restaurant's menu of staff and diner favorites. It's a savory crepe with a hint of sweetness, stuffed with chicken, spinach, pecans, feta cheese and baked apples. I'm not exactly sure what "the obvious" part of its name refers to, but this crepe was obviously very good and being quite large, a good-sized meal for one person.

Having not visited , I didn't know what to expect at its new Birmingham restaurant (). Based on my fast-food experience with crepes elsewhere, I expected the restaurant to resemble a diner or — order at the counter and seat myself, maybe grab something to go. I was pleasantly surprised to be shown to a table and enjoyed a lovely lunch in an upscale atmosphere. I even had a real flower at my table, not a salt and pepper shaker.

My crepe was a bit pricey — my bill was about $14 and I ordered water — and I managed to make it in before What Crepe? shut down for it's hour-long "siesta" between 3:30-4:30 p.m., which meant I saw several disappointed crepe lovers turned away at the door. But overall, now I'm curious to try the sweet side of the menu and am already planning a dinner trip with friends.


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