Seaholm to Host Memorial for Late Senior, Collin Trask

Colin Trask passed away on Feb. 19 and will be honored during a memorial at Seaholm High School on March 19.

The Seaholm High School community will gather later this month to honor the life of one student who remains an inspiration even after his early death — Collin Trask.

Seaholm will host a memorial service for Trask at 7 p.m. March 19, Superintendent Daniel Nerad announced at Tuesday's school board meeting.

The 18-year-old Trask passed away on Feb. 19 after a long battle with cancer. Trask would have graduated from Seaholm this spring.

Diagnosed in seventh grade, Trask suffered from a medulloblastoma, a kind of brain tumor that lodged itself in Trask's brain and spinal cord.

Trask was a longtime hero in the Seaholm community, with students showing their support over the years through candlelight vigils, fundraisers and on social media, using the hashtags #teamcollin and #prayforcollin.

On Tuesday, Nerad and the Birmingham Board of Education observed a moment of silence for Trask.

"We take this brief time tonight to recognize that he truly was an inspiration to so many people," Nerad said. "He was an inspiration to all who knew him."

According to Nerad, Trask continued to come to school even during the worst medical treatments, taking a rigorous courseload and spending hours studying both in the hopsital and at school.

During Trask's final months, he was confined to his home and the hospital, enjoing a last Christmas with his family, according to his Care Pages journal.

"I think a lot," Trask told the Seaholm Highlander in February 2012 about maintaining a positive attitude. "You have to realize that there's no reason to worry about things that are beyond your control, and just do things to make life more enjoyable."

Nerad said that the March 19 memorial will serve as yet another way for the Seaholm community to remember and honor Trask's life.

"Collin Trask was truly a leader at Seaholm High School who's legacy will remain an inspiration to all of our young people," he said.

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