Do You Want More Birmingham News?

Patch’s platform is designed for community contributions and interaction. Here are some simple ways to get more local news on the site.

One of the best ways to get your news on the site is with a blog. If you don’t already have an account, create one here. Or, if you’re already registered, just sign in. Then, head over to our local bloggers page and click on the green box that says “start your own blog.”

You’ll be directed through several steps, including naming the blog, describing it or uploading a photo or image (if it’s a personal blog, people like to see a picture of the author; if you’re blogging under the name of an organization, the logo is good). You’ll have the option to share the blog with nearby Patches. Then hit the green rectangular bar in the lower right-hand corner that reads “create your blog.”

It’s a good idea to add a photo any time you’re posting on Patch, because that makes it more likely that we will move your post to the top news spot.

The boards are another good way to get your news on the site. You’ll be asked to write a headline (title) and you’ll be given an option to upload a photo or video. There’s also a drop-down menu that asks you to choose one of four boards – Speak Out, Town Square, Buy | Sell | Trade, or Business Updates.

You can also post on the boards directly from the homepage. They’re located in the middle of the homepage.

The events calendar is good place to list community happenings.

If you have questions or are interested in taking a more active role as a Key Community Contributor, please email beth.dalbey@patch.com.


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